About Us

we offer CMA & Project Report Services for your personal and professional banking needs.

We specialize in Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) Report which are required by bank for Loans, new CC limit, or for renewal of existing CC/OD Limit.

Our specialized CMA is as per RBI guidelines, and contains various detailed data of actual performance & projections.

The analysis are made by different methods very minutely Our CMA data are coloured. Major variations in figures are highlighted with different colours.

The Ratios Analysis, Financial Analysis & Performance Analysis are very exhaustive.

We provide next 2 year's projected Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets or as per clients / bank requirements alongwith CMA data.

For quick review of figures, we provide graphic presentation of important data, for 5 years

We also provide your detailed month wise expected sales, purchase and other expenses, for next two years, for your budgeting purpose and also to control expenses, if any with a view to increase your performance and profitability.

Please note that the contents / heading shall defer company to company.

The sample project report given here is in brief. Actual project report shall be made after fully assimilating the project, financial requirement, and detailed discussion.